Wednesday, December 16, 2009

'Scuse! Was there a blackout in the Shadow Cabinet?

More at Go Malaysia

Karpal Singh and Son were ponteng. So was Anwar's daughter. So was Kit Siang's son!

Apa dah jadi? Apa nak dikata?

Suspicious? Me? Nah!

Someone will make another list of all those in the BN who ponteng, too. For God's sake, they all took money from us!


Salak said...

If you bump into the BN list of truants, please give me a yell!

Jong said...

Lim Guan Eng is still away abroad while Gobind Singh is still under suspension. Teresa Kok meanwhile was enjoying her perks sitting next to the Sultan at his birthday party to be seen and enjoying the lavish dinner spread!

Jong said...

This is so frustrating, missed opportunity a second time! How irresponsible!

Salak said...

I suppose Nur Izzah is abroad, too!

Teresa could have told his Royal Highness and come after the vote!

There were supposed to be 3 duds watching over a BN Minister!

What to say, argh?