Saturday, December 19, 2009

Ular ! Mengapa makan katak?

So they passed the budget in Parliament!

So what? Even with a legal budget they still makan! Macam Ular!

Better send this video to your kids' phone. They might not like the beat. Make your own lah!


Salak said...


Here are the lyrics:

Bangau Oh Bangau

bangau oh bangau,
kenapa engkau kurus?

macam-mana aku tak kurus,
ikan tak mahu timbul - ikan tak mahu timbul

ikan oh ikan,
kenapa engkau tak timbul?

macam-mana aku nak timbul,
rumput panjang sangat - rumput panjang sangat

rumput oh rumput,
kenapa engkau panjang?

macam-mana aku tak panjang,
kerbau tak makan aku - kerbau tak makan aku

kerbau oh kerbau,
kenapa tak makan rumput?

macam-mana aku nak makan,
perut aku sakit - perut aku sakit

perut oh perut,
kenapa engkau sakit?

macam-mana aku tak sakit,
makan nasi mentah - makan nasi mentah

nasi oh nasi,
kenapa engkau mentah?

macam-mana aku tak mentah,
api tak mahu menyala - api tak mahu menyala

api oh api,
kenapa engkau tak mahu menyala?

macam-mana aku nak menyala,
kayu api basah - kayu api basah

kayu oh kayu,
kenapa engkau basah?

macam-mana aku tak basah,
hujan timpa aku - hujan timpa aku

hujan oh hujan,
kenapa timpa kayu?

macam-mana aku tak timpa,
katak panggil aku - katak panggil aku

katak oh katak,
kenapa panggil hujan?

macam-mana aku tak panggil,
ular nak makan aku - ular nak makan aku

ular oh ular,
kenapa nak makan katak?

macam-mana aku tak makan,
memang makanan aku - memang makanan aku!!!

peng said...

Passing the budget is a means to the end - a legal way to 'makan' ler!
Let's hope for a poisonous breed of katak then!

Salak said...

Poisonous katak!

Yeah, forgotten about that. What's the difference between a katak and a kodok.

Muhyuddin looks like a kodok to me. So does Azmin Ali.

Zahid Hamidi, Phd, can't tell when he's an "ular" or a katak or a kodok!

Anonymous said...

It is good that there was a hue n cry about Pakatan's failure to rise to the occasion over the recent Budget motion. They have probably noted our disappointment and should be doing lots better in future.

Salak said...

Of course, they should be doing lots bette, Anonymouse! What else are they supposed to do?

Why didn't they do something new? It matters that they had tried differently. Whether it's legal or not BN will be wasting again!

Why didn't PR challenge laws, conventions, adat, filibuster aside?

Yeah, they'll try and they should! Who cares, ask Bangau! It's a merry go round!

Pasang Iklan Gratis Sebagai Awal Mulai Bisnis Online said...

Pusing juga mikirinnya

Anonymous said...

Aiyoh, i think i am getting 'malusia political fatigue' - how much more crap before we hit rock bottom or are we there already??

Salak said...

I say, Anon!

No more fairy tales of Matir, lah!

He's just eulogised himself in the Musical !

Maybe someone might read the last rites, soon! :(