Saturday, December 26, 2009

Stressed, stressing, surviving but no bombs, please!

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How to end a year, ahh?

It could be the same as how to begin a new one.

So we were thrown out of Heaven, and we said goodbye to the virgins and then we decided to rough it out. And up till now, we still can go to bed and wake up in the morning, all of the past 51 weeks. Well, there could have been a couple of bad hangovers of whatever causes.

Perhaps, someone else could put it better in some 3,000 words, some of which are:

"... [......]Adam is about to throw himself off a cliff in despair, when he glimpses redemption. First Eve draws near to tell him that she is to have a child. Then God comes and gently tells Adam that he is wrong to try to reckon his accomplishments on a cosmic scale.

“For if you saw your transient, earthly life set in dimensions of eternity, there wouldn’t be any virtue in endurance. Or if you saw your spirit drench the dust, where could you find incentive for your efforts?”

All God asks of man is to strive for progress, nothing more.

“It is human virtues I want,” He says, “human greatness.”

......people [...](could) reject the false choice between Utopia and degeneracy. Moral progress, [...] is neither guaranteed nor is it hopeless. Instead, it is up to us. ..." - The Economist Newspaper


Jong said...

Wake up Sarawak, still want to be UMNO/BN's fixed deposit? Don't say you have not been warned - they just firebombed the 4th church early today!

It sure looks like the final days of UMNO/BN government!
IGP Musa Hassan said they cannot ensure security for every churches; what bullshit is he talking!
Why won’t they act fast to round up all those who fanned the fire of anger for weeks on?

The Polis were never slow when it came to peaceful Candlelight Vigilers and those who wore black in silent protest when they sent in the Red Squad in full combat-gear to bash up concerned citizens who did not agree with the Establishment.

mayday mayday mayday a Nation in Distress! This government has to go, we need change and change it must!

Salak said...

Never fear!

Allah works in mysterious ways!!

Faith or "Iman" is in the beholder!

Anonymous said...

God wants 'human greatness'

UMNO breed stunted/silted brains. Our Education system stinks, the MSM have nothing of substance and worst, RELIGION is politicalised to breed hatred and supremacy over other human beings...
Looks like we start with a handicap of 36, a really long and ardous route to human greatness.

Jong said...

" Allah works in mysterious ways!!"

HaHHahaa, maybe he did huh!
Now the BN government okays "Allah" for East Malaysian Christians only. Hmmm they must be higher than "Allah", because Allah needs BN's, oops UMNO's nod!

Aren't we all tickled? Haris Ibrahim was amused, said in his blog

“Ladies & gentlemen, please fasten your seatbelts, observe the ‘No smoking’ sign and, if you’re Christian, please make sure to leave Allah behind”

LOL!!! bledde jokers! ...and make sure you don’t use “Allah” in your friday prayers! Fridays are reserved for Muslims only, yours Sundays. :D

Salak said...

Not all Malaysians laugh when UMNO jokes!

We should remember the atheist(?) Einstein in similar humility when he declared, "God doesn't play with dice!" ;-))

Chinese New Year is round the corner, you'll see plenty of people rolling dices soon! Unless they've switched betting on online games!

Jong said...

...ahhh Chinese New Year will be when MCA warlords split their rent- collection then draw battle-lines for control of next issue of FD projects!