Monday, December 21, 2009

Lost jet engines and PR Registration

We, the Malaysian public, just discovered we lost a [two?] jet engine [s] on an F 5E TII fighter plane in late 2007 and PM Najib said it was not a cover-up, after some 24 months. And it was on his immediate watch as the Defence Minister of Malaysia.

Then on December 20, 2009, Hadi Awang of PAS had stated,

"We are not in a hurry to register Pakatan (Rakyat). Pakatan does not necessarily have to become a single party. What is important is for us to bring out what we have in common, and to put off things which we do not agree on.”

Earlier we were told that Pakatan Rakyat had submitted its registration on November 3, 2009. Then, Zaid Ibrahim had stated,

"The people will see that this group is no different from Umno and Barisan Nasional leaders."

This is all confusing, so the de factor leader of PKR and possible leader of Pakatan Rakyat, Anwar Ibrahim chipped in today December 21, 2009,

“So I think there’s no problem with that, because as far as we are concerned, we are committed to register.”

Well, maybe there will be or there will not be any registration because Anwar Ibrahim explains,

“What Hadi has said is that because whenever we try to hasten it (the registering process) the RoS will slow it down.”

Meanwhile, in Kuching Sarawak, life is not sweet. There is no white granulated sugar. The shop we frequented has come up with a noble solution - he's selling brown sugar!

And he readily offered plenty of sweets!


peng said...

It seems that things going missing in the Army is not something new. In 1984, the Malaysian govt ordered 80 Skyhawks, only 35 were delivered, the balance 45 kept in a hangar in California. Then in 2000-2003, the govt discovered she could not retrieve those 45 Skyhawks because there was no record of ownership! Read the story here

As for gula merah, I think its a better option for beverages and cooking too!

Salak said...

Thanks, peng!

Mahathir became PM in 1981. What did he do with the 45 sky hawks!!!???

I've used gula merah with coffee and it's just as good. Some comes with a pleasant flavor! :-))