Saturday, January 30, 2010

Words without will

Najib can give you an ineffectual wisecrack which most Malaysians dismiss.

The launch of the GTP and the belligerence of JAKIM, a Civil Service outfit rile Lim Kit Siang. If those so-called academics have missed out anything by their unprofessional association at the event with JAKIM, it speaks much of what's worth they can utter in their own capacity.


Salak said...

Maybe, it's unfair not to give Najib a chance with his GPT.

Who knows we might even see the return of the 45 skyhawks and the two jet engines!

Like T H I S !? ;)

Like that, ahh, all our bases are belong to him! :)

Anonymous said...

Actually, it's more like NO HEAD..... err maybe a wee, puny head (below the belt)??

Jarod said...

Salak, how about our head? No face to see all these!