Sunday, February 7, 2010

RERUN | 1Malaysia is playing garbage again

Scandal, Sodomy and Murder - Part 2(L) and 3(R)

30,000 illegal Indian nationals are in the country. The Immigration and the Police don't know where they are exactly - except that they are in the country. There are others - another 60,000 shouldn't surprise you. Published news of sons killing their fathers in the last 3 weeks have hit the TV airwaves, killings with the trademark of "Ah Long" involvement - debtors who can't pay have to be punished, kill their parents or be killed. Either way, there's killings.

If that's not enough, Zahid Hamidi, tried to scare the shit out of ordinary Malaysians saying our Military is leaking national secrets to foreign embassies.

Instead of functioning like a government, 1Malaysia is, what it's really all about, repressing the opposition and all other means to cling to power!

A huge chunk of Malaysia's business sector is full of GLCs, a trait somewhat very similar to what Gorbachev was facing as he was firing up perestroika, except that in USSR they were government agencies. The Malaysian government beaucracy is sticking their fingers in everybody's pockets, which should include whatever foreign investors there are who are still around.

Any honest Malaysian should tell its ruling government to have a general national election. The opposition may win and it will be a herculean task to get the country back on its feet considering the mess that's been strewn across the countryside. Whoever is calling the shots in UMNO/BN should, if there's any ernestness and honesty to reform, can then purge the party of all its damnation and return in 10 years. Pakatan Rakyat may still be struggling and quarelling but after 10 years, BN can sure come back slim and trim and give us all a second chance. Even if the PR can win again, it just proves we can plot our destiny --- Malaysians, not just UMNO!

Only corrupt silly elite Malay leaders can tell you it's the end of the world if UMNO/BN don't rule. There are two prospects that's both not nice - like the US, and Malaysia is err...not like the US, China will own us. The other is we will go the Greek's way.

If you still believe in Hercules, you can then plead with him to hold up the crashing sky!

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