Wednesday, April 21, 2010

HULU SELANGOR | Kalamanathan, the Nowhere Man

An "Ulu" FELDA Settler and his humble abode

"I will not promise the moon or the stars. But, I will make sure that I will give my best to the people. Maybe this is not enough for some or maybe it is more than enough for others."

"I have told my friends we will only campaign on what I can do, my achievements, what BN can do and the coalition's accomplishments." [Kalamanathan, BN Hulu Selangor Candidate] - The New Straits Times

That's a confession. Zaid has done one earlier. Wouldn't you just wish Sammy Vellu would admit he's "botak"?

But that's fair for Kala. We don't expect him to do wonders. When Hulu Selangor is over and done with he'll have more friends for the future. That's wishing him well.

But Selangor is THE biggest Malaysian State. In economic terms, hypothetically, Selangor might as well be on it's own country than be hampered by Malaysia's UMNO/BN bad governance. Selangor's prosperity will make bizness and employment seekers from other states gravitate to it. For BN to exist, this cannot happen - Selangor must be brought down. And my friend, Kalamanathan, there ain't nothing you can do about it! What UMNO BN have done in the past was not to empower citizens with better income, (high income aside), and health but cheap labor from migrants and taxing and overburdening our health and security services.

So PR will reverse that trend. That's the only choice they got.

What I had hoped to hear from the PR Man, Kala is what he thinks about assets taken away by UMNO/BN - land, equity and most of all other rights. It would have been nice to hear what life has in store for the "ulu" people of Selangor. Will their children have places in universities? Will they have jobs if they graduates? Unemployment is horrid in Ulu Selangor - legacies of Mad Mat and the hantu Toyo! Lest he forgets, there's the Chinese poor and then there's the Indian poor. And all these are right smack in the midst of the richest Malaysian State. Squalor in the midst of opulence?

The Malay poor will be driven off like lemmings from their land. All the poor in Malaysia will be high and dry while the UMNO rich deposit their unholy gains offshores and in the stakes of their cronies here, there and everywhere.

Don't worry, Mr PR Man, Kala. The lemming thing was a bad Disney job which is a myth.

What is not is what the PR in Selangor will do to bury the myth and change things in Selangor: not in 50 years but 15 will be a huge success.


Jong said...

His name is spelt 'KAMALANATHAN', so
how did 'Kala' come about?

Anyway this flip-flopper is man of many faces and many names - Kamal, A-Lan and Nathan. He flips and he flops trying to confuse his electorates as to where he was educated - Olympia College or Edith Cowan University and now whether he's a Perakian or Selangorite?

Bet you he may be confused who his wife is, no?

Jong said...

They say he was a phantom voter in Sungei Siput - Perak. If he was not then how come a Selangorean, he was also registered under Sungei Siput constituency to vote for Samy Velu?

Good that his boss Samy Velu was defeated by PKR in GE-12 2008!

Salak said...

It's all so disgracefully crazy!

Najib is splashing Hulu Selangor with money it's plain bribery. It's our money, what?

Who knows better how to spend his/her money than the rakyat? If we're not careful we'll all be Greeks and gone!

Salak said...

"Kala" is scorpion in Malay!

I hope Hulu Selangor folks will zap off the sting from Kala and his BN "kala"!

You know, go "authentic change" not just bohong "change"!