Tuesday, April 20, 2010

HULU SELANGOR | "Mabuk" election

A FELDA Project

It's amazing JAIS, JAIM and the Malaysian Islamic Councils are not handing out fines in Malaysia over bottle throwing in Hulu Selangor. Won't those Officials have more income from easy fines? They only collected RM500 over a religious offence from Bung Mokhtar. Maybe they are drunk.

Hulu Selangor (60% Malay majority) will make history for Malaysia though it is a very "ulu" place. BN knows too well, it cannot capture the seat. Were Malay feelings to run high Kalamanathan of MIC should just shake hands and make friends. The mess, the BN has left in Selangor will turn against them for the reckless manner they had disenfranchised the Malay landowners. Felda settlers (all Malays) whose land were acquired have still not been paid their dues, since the days of Muhammad Taib, or Mike Tyson as he's known to some. This anger will hopefully translate into votes for PR.

The alcohol sideshow will evaporate but could have a profound effect of sorts in lessening religious and culural prejudices and perhaps enlighten Malaysians at how the BN government has abused not only the civil institutions but also religious ones.

That should be a sobering thought, with or without the bottle.

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