Wednesday, April 14, 2010

HULU SELANGOR | No Foot Soldier for PR candidate

Some observers have thought that PR would not offer a good candidate if BN fields out a candidate of dim lustre for Hulu Selangor. So the onus is on the controversy ridden PKR to begin the name game. They have and its Zaid Ibrahim. High time they let Zaid do something interesting or he'll be bored.

It's now left for the "Melayu-strung" UMNO Selangor to make their move.

Many now know Zaid is a politician for all Malaysians, not less, the Malays.

For Sibu, SUPP seems to have chosen, a next-of-kin to replace Robert Lau, once dubbed as the King of Toilets by the Star! Sorry, not chosen, but rather "bequeath" ! It's some kind of family inheritance. BN have always been a crony party. Haven't they? Dulu, kini dan selamanya?

In any case, with what's happening in the Defence Ministry we need some people with stature and seriousness to get on with real work.


Salak said...

We might yet see Mad Mat contending for some "pukau" work, even as an independent!

Anonymous said...

same old, same old, BN is bereft of any sincere and decent members.

Jong said...

Meanwhile UMNO looks jittery over their choice of a BN candidate, dragging their feet ignoring MIC's choice of its deputy G. Palanivel.

Hmmmm, why all the fuss, why not put Samy Value there instead? That will be fun! See how much support and respect the Indian community in Hulu Selangor has for him.

Salak said...

They might put some guy who they want to finish off for good! That would make sense! MACC won't do it. No one would.

There was a case once where they put up a lawyer who was said to have run away with clients money!

This is one clever cure for BN's Achilles heel. ;)