Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Corruption | BN's Achilles heels in Bunnies combat shoes

Industrial shoes with 2-ton crash proof integrity on the toes last for at least 5 years or longer. These cost something like RM2,000 or more now and they're used in work places that's rule bias on top safety at work. This means even clearical staff in the management wears them, in case something heavy drop on those precious toes. A thousand of these staff members will cost some RM2.0m only and for 5 years and that's just RM400k a year. Put in another RM30k p.a. and you'll get a system of a small unit of people stretching the shoes life to 10 years. They're worth investing in for suits against negligence.

But why are civilian staff of the Defence Ministry garbed with these shoes? And why ladies? Are they combat bunnies? Where are they assigned? In the submarine that is shy of diving?

It just beats governance that this has slipped through or been slept through. It might be good for our economy as these can be manufactured in Old Klang Road for RM27.5m but really costing RM0.900 m. The gross markup will boost our GDP and our deficit to 15%. We'll beat Greece yet! Perhaps, we'll beat genuine analysts' rosy predictions by proving them wrong. We'll still beat someone, anyway. Perhaps those combat bunnies are real patriots.

Considering the novelty hype on "1Malaysia" and NEM, PM Najib is kidding around. His GTP is really "Guna Tukang Pukau" APCO. In Tuan Melayu terms, "pukau" is what "dukuns" or witch doctors do. They've upgraded from pukau to spinning.

Where's the beef? Cut the fat and the grease, Mr PM. Even if the BN loses in the next general elections!

No matter, PR will just shoe you out!


Salak said...

Is T H I S good enough for the civilian ladies staff of Malaysian Ministry of Defence? ;)

Jong said...

Isn't fat roastporkyma the chief supplier of army uniforms and accessories for decades?

Anonymous said...

Looks like we are getting immuned to such reveals lately. They come thick and fast, even as we are getting indigestion over the Billions $$$ of fresh food bill for the army. I bet if we look into EVERY Govt tender, such nightmarish level of corruption would explode in our faces.
We need to redouble our efforts and kick out this blardy BN/dUMNO gomen, there's no other way; anyone BUT Bn!

Salak said...

No idea. Does anyone know?

She could be supplier of just about anything if the stories we hear hold good.

But I don't think she's on stilletoes! :)

Kalau jatuh Malaysia kena tsunami nanti!!!

Salak said...

"...such nightmarish level of corruption would explode in our faces."

We don't hear it any more. Our kids do and that's why they're so stressed up.

The Judiciary can't hear anything, neither does the MACC! There's explosions in Parliament every other day.

Salak said...

Wah! Najib tried to nuke Obama -

However, he hoped that it was not only in style and approach “but also in substance.” - The Star.

With stilletoes?

peng said...

RM2,000 for a pair to survive a 2-ton toe crash - I believe it - cos when rosymah stamps her foot on the poor lady soldier toes, it's more than 2-ton stomp man!

Salak said...

You mean toy soldiers, argh? ;)