Friday, April 30, 2010

Malaysia | Snapping out of the malaise and anarchy

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We have public servants vested with the authority to execute their jobs talking crap.

We have academics who bleated whatever spins and falsehood the government wants them.

We have a Prime Minister, an economist who appears to promote the stiffling of markets by disenfranchisizing Malaysians and not acting on and reinforcing "rights", which would give better and sexier forms to the new "model".

Of course, we have Imans Imams, paid by the Government, to reinforce the spin and falsehood from the pulpit.

The bizness of governing the country would keep us in good stead had the BN returned to its prinicpal aim of bringing prosperity to Malaysians. What we would have learnt from that would be worth a zillionth times more than what we hear from the pulpit, benefit from the country's Chief Executive, the academics who are intellectually honest and public servants who could have done so much more, had they bewn honest and diligent for the remuneration they received!

The "goods" we badly need are just not about sugar they cannot distribute efficiently, they're also about our need for public services to ensure a just and fair elections, educational opportunities that enlighten and equip present and future generations and assurance and actions that our health is protected by reasonable deployment of services and an environment in which we can practice our faith in peace and honor.

Anything more is fat and crap that can make our "model" unsightly and dishonest.


Salak said...

And of course, safety, another kind of "goods" that can keep our body and spirit in balance.

Anonymous said...

In Malaysia Boleh lalaland, we even import FOREIGN experts to help sing govt crap too....TBH case!

Salak said...

If contracts in Malaysia are "not self-enforcing" the bugger will not get his full money's worth.

Those guys who made UMNO/BN election posters didn't get their money!

Salak said...

"It won’t be too long before we push into PIGS type territory". M-INSIDER

Many have thought Malaysia has gone to the dogs. But it's to the PIGS, too! Greek and Going! ;)

Jong said...

Haha, since when was Najib an economist? Spending 3 years in economics that he barely scrapped through won't make him an economist lah! Yah just thank his old man's name that he is where he is today!

Salak said...

"..he barely scrapped through.."

And he gets to be PM because of UMNO!

He'll never fulfill anything of the NEM. It'll kill off all the rent-seekers!

Hope DAP/PR can deliver that message in Sibu By Election!

Anonymous said...

And if nothing else, at least he fits the title -Crime Minister of Msia Boleh!