Thursday, January 20, 2011

Debates | Here, there and everywhere

We have Hata Wahari detained under house arrest by a private Media Company, Utusan Malaysia. That is being debated.

Then there is yet to be a Debate between Anwar Ibrahim and PM Najib Razak . Debates about The Debate are raging.

Where Debates should occur in the Legislature, one is coming up in Selangor.

Debates are popping out everywhere. Debates are coming out of our hair. It shouldn't make you "pull your hair"!

Someone in Sarawak tried a White Pepper Paper against all debates.

It's hot all over. Amongst all of these, the Selangor debate is essentially important. A good resolution of the problem will bring much tranquility into our lives as it enshrines the very spirit of how we might try to live in a good measure of peace and prosperity.

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