Saturday, February 12, 2011

Malaysian Elections | Democracy, national security and natural disasters

Forget about the Tenang By Election in Johore. You couldn't possibly expect any political party to have overcome nature's fury. It's over and done.

What the opposition could do if it wins the coming General Election is to plan ahead how to carry as many voters over recurrent Malaysian floods. They could then order a 65,000 tonnes aircraft carrier to carry maybe even every voter in Sarawak or Sabah which by the way have very very long coastlines to protect against jealous enemies and other free market operators. Perhaps, the Saribas pirates of Sarawak might reemerged after centuries of quiet. Maybe they're already up and about in smart pants and Gucci leather briefcases with automatic handguns stuffed in golf bags.

The British Navy has ordered 2 of these. Find out more from the video clip.

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Christopher Hinn said...

The flooding will surely make the election have less voters. If such natural disaster will not be taken care of, only a small number of citizens will vote.