Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Brave NEW World | Spook the Sphynx

"...Ultimately, Western capitals have no choice but to live with the uncertainty of democratic outcomes in the region -- after all, Arabs have had to live with adverse foreign policies of democratically elected leaders in the United States and Israel. Western governments are best served, in the end, by supporting what they claim to stand for, and what protesters are demanding: human rights and democracy.

As for each Middle Eastern leader ruling without the consent of his people, the lesson is just as clear: reform or perish. Who's next? You're next. ..." -

Prophet Muhammad's birthday was observed yesterday in muted whimpers of "1Ummah" in Malaysia. That "one [1]" didn't cost as much as APCO's. In fact it was Free. Hmmm...!

Recalling what the Prophet had taught about befriending the Jews, Malaysians have instead taken that for rightist Zionists!

Since his birth in the second half of the 1st Millenium, Prophet Muhammad's call for "justice and freedom" is still heard, albeit in muted whimpers. One thing, some had mused, Muhammad's work is cut out for him.

Let's hope we hear less of the Bush and Blair bull!

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