Tuesday, March 29, 2011

24 years ago this month | CM Taib Mahmud had a scare in his political life

Did he really? Many thought he did have a big scare. They, not him, did have a big scare. He probably didn't!

At about the same period Leo Moggie, then leader of Party Bansa Dayak Sarawak (PBDS) then accused of formenting Dayakism, but now deregistered, had declared he could accept anyone as Chief Minister of Sarawak, but Taib Mahmud. Leo Moggie's party PBDS was then in coalition with Rahman Yakub, Taib's uncle, and who was head of the coalition called "Kumpulan Maju".

Who would had been then be acceptable to Leo Moggie? Naturally, Rahman Yakub, Taib's uncle!

What about now? Don't matter no more. He's out of this darn politics he had said.

What about CM Taib Mahmud now? The previous week he talked as if he was "nyanyuk". That trace of arrogance had gradually toned down. Perhaps it must be his new young bride's influence. Well, why not?

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