Thursday, March 17, 2011

Japan Tsunami | Bring home our students and help the Japanese

A woman checks a "message wall" at Natori City Hall, Miyagi Prefecture, March 14, 2011. Other, high-tech means of searching for information about loved ones, like Google's "Person Finder," have also sprung up in the days since the disaster.- [ ]

"...No Directive To Bring Home 207 MARA-Sponsored Students In Japan - Shafie

Shafie said RM6 million was allocated to develop the facilities at 68 knowledge corridors throughout the country..."
- Bernama
But we will have "knowledge corridors throughout the country" worth RM6 millions.

There will be more than "knowledge" for those students to gain in Sendai especially if they have to stay 50 mies away from those dangerous nuclear power plants.

How could we help right away? Take a guess. How about -

- not using water enough for 207 Japanese;
- not eating food of 207 Japanese;
- not using transport of 207 Japanese;
- not using power, now rationed, 207 Japanese;
- might not be using medicines of 207 Japanese;
- not using general services of 207 Japanese, among them could be infants, babies and old Japanese.

Can't the Japanese grow old? Or have they forgotten to make babies?

The American Embassy has offered to evacuate their "family members" in Japan and leave relevant personnel behind. Others from other countries might do same.

Anyway, we have plenty of knowledge here in Sarawak and they're all corridorred.

What should we do? Don't know. Don't think. Don't do nothing. Wait ... for DIRECTIVES !!!
Innovation and Creativity ... that's our trademark ... but wait lah!

What would I do? I could help 207 Japanese right away by taking those students home. What are we going to do with those 207 Malaysians? How about having another Tsunami at home in Malaysia?

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