Tuesday, March 1, 2011

London | Stoning the Devil

It had begun some while ago. The stoning is on.

It is not mischief but it is afoot. The shoes are thrown at Taib in London and will be thrown at him everywhere else.

Taib will be stoned cold when all of these are over and done!

And right there in the thick of things is Papa Orang Hutan of RFS !

Read the report H E R E at Sarawak Report !

More pictures in the following slide:


peng said...

Ai ya, how to baling batu in London at Taib in Sarawak? Must have strong biceps like rosemah ler otherwise sure won't kena him!

Salak said...

Not to worry.

Apai Orang Utan will get him!

Looks like he's home in the concrete as well as the borneo jungle!