Thursday, March 3, 2011

Politicians | Najib joins those with damaged heads

In August 2008 2007, UM (our venerable University that our kids go to) bummed with Tony Blair for a law lecture on the Azlan Shah Law lecture series, University Malaya. A lot of bumming there.

Blair of course is the twin of the B-Bunch of the Bush bull. If that is not bad enough, would it be surprising if another venerable institution, the LSE (London School of Economic) also bummed with the Gadaffis and giving Saif Gadaffi, a Phd? That cost Libya £1.5 million which was no small amount as any economist would vouch for.

This bit of news of Dr Saif Gadaffi had hit the headlines about 10 or so days ago, in the midst of the explosive vibration of news hitting the internet on Facebook and Twitter on the shakedown for democracy in the Middle East. Wouldn't that give you some jitters? It might.

Some outstanding and noble Malaysians are not rattled by that and PM Najib had said - we are different from the Middle East. So, confident with that knowledge and with the most complete abundance of caution he made plans to go downunder to Australia where he will, with all dignity and pomp, receive his Phd from Monash University, Australia.

I need a doctor, too. My mollar needs fixing. Yeah, sure, I need more biting power. Don't you?

They say our government dentists leave pieces of tooth behind after they romped on you. Had Najib spent more money on Malaysian health, instead of some rotten Ozzie gray matter, we'd have more bite!

Meanwhile, it seems the LSE is stuffed with spies. Look at the UK's Daily Mail Online splash on it. Pix below paints 1,000 words.

So who's the spy skunk in University Malaya?

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