Saturday, May 21, 2011

Balik Kampung III | When chickens cross the road

I tell you, it's a long time since I heard a rooster crowed at the break of dawn.

There is a lot of argument on the Printing Press laws and the ISA and messages of democratization get waylaid. Big change is happening with DAP. They want to reach out to Malay voters, not to sell them pork which even some or more than some Chinese now don't eat, but to plead on rethinking views about how Malaysia can move on and prosper.

Perhaps the Chinese Press and broadsheets can do national duty by having a Bahasa Malaysia section. When these eventually gets used as grocery wrappers, the kampung folks could at least read them. Of course, among the Chinese Press, some are more Malay than Chinese. But it's really the damn printing press laws that essentially have stiffled community education in what newsprint can do.

Did you hear a rooster crow? I just did. Even in broad light in Kuching City. Must hear another at dawn someday.

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