Thursday, May 19, 2011

Malaysia would be Gemilang if we were all watermellons

Like this ...!

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Jong said...

Good, let them de-register PKR!

May be a good move for PKR afterall since its party election was marred by fraud and landmines amid protests from several quarters within the party that resulted in departure of Zaid Ibrahim, no? It's members can apply to join PAS, DAP or KITA!

Btw Salak, why watermelon? :D

Salak said...

Why watermellons? The one in the post is a happy mellon, ain't it? :)

The deregistration threat will actually spell more disaster for BN gomen, actually. Not that PR haven't thought about it surely. It'll be one of the last few nails! The mirror is telling them they look like Orang Minyak! :)