Monday, May 9, 2011

Crimson flames tied to his ears | Dr Yusri Mohamad

In this video clip, an extract of Aljazeera's 101, Yusri Mohamad, a Muslim Youth Leader of PEMBELA and NGO activist potrays the stark reality of what misguided Muslim Leaders think they stand for. Garbed in Nehru jacket of some sort, moustached and a pretentious goatee, Yusri would otherwise exude wisdom, confidence and unshakeable faith in his religion, Islam. Why should his credibility and faith be questioned?

But it comes from his mouth and conscious being when he agrees, as a Muslim, God is three or Allah is three is correct. "Tuhan" in Malay is God which is "Allah" in Arabic or semitic language.

Yusri has since obtained his doctorate of something since this episode.

The implications are serious. He is currently protesting and saying that some people are attempting to make Christianity as Malaysia's official religion and the next Prime Minister would be a Christian.

I don't honestly understand what he is protesting. By creed he believes that Tuhan or God or Allah is Three. He said so!

As a Muslim, I don't mind and don't care and with due respect I'll leave the Christians with their own belief to practise their faith in peace.

So what about Yusri, Dr Yusri now? What about him?

Why should he protest anything Christian when he's already one???

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Jong said...

What a putz! ..sigh.

Jong said...

It's idiots like him with their extremist frame of mind that's giving Malaysia a bad name - nehru attire, moustached and goatee that make him more Muslim? How pretentious!!!!

Salak said...

All the 'kambings' and the goatees.

Gues they make nice kebabs! ;)

Salak said...

Taking back what I said! :)

I should try not to become my own enemy! ;)

Anonymous said...

He is a typical example of a CanLand intelligent
'heavyweight'...well I didn't expect more of him AND I WAS NOT DISAPPOINTED.

Mohd Hampden said...

Salak, I checked the clip you put up, purportedly with Yusri saying Allah is 3! Reading in context and examining his remarks plus those of Datuk Marina and Sdr Khalid DID NOT produce that particular statement. 'that Yusri said Allah is 3'.

Do be careful when blogging as a mis-quote or mis-print can have serious repercussions upon your readers. Regards.

Salak said...

Thanks, Hampden.

I didn't say either Marina or Khalid "said" that "YUSRI SAID ALLAH IS THREE".

"I certainly did not say they said whatever". Do I need to? The video is there.

The complete discussion is in this link here -

You are welcome to say what you think they say!

Jong said...

# So what about Yusri, Dr Yusri now? What about him? #

- wives of former PMs are given for free doctorates, latest is Najib's mother! So what's so special with this phd(permanent head damage)- he sounds and looks more like a douchebag!

Salak said...

He is a professor lah!

But his specialty appears to have something to do with pimping! ;)

But all Profs need Special Branch clearance as Syed Hussein had revealed.

studio said...

You said:
"Tuhan" in Malay is God which is "Allah" in Arabic or semitic language.

Incorrect. Tuhan in Malay =/ Allah. Tuhan = God. Because both Tuhan and God may have plural forms (often denoted in small caps): "tuhan-tuhan" and "gods". The Arabic Allah, on the other hand, translates as "The God". "The" being a specific noun that refers to one specific being or entity.

Viz. there can be many Ali's, but when you're referring to your good friend Ali, you mean The Ali, since he can have no twin.

studio said...

You said:
"By creed he believes that Tuhan or God or Allah is Three. He said so!"

Dr Yusri said so? Knowing his credentials I found this hard to believe, so I listened to the clip with interest. I found nothing of the sort uttered from his mouth. What he did do was allude to the point I made earlier: that "Tuhan" and "Allah" are not automatically interchangeable, and that the concept of "Allah is 3" =/ "Tuhan is 3".

Maybe you could point to me the part in the clip where Dr Yusri actually said "Allah is 3" or "God is 3"? The only person who expressly uttered that phrase in the video was Khalid Samad.

Salak said...

Thank you, "studio".

If I say, "Ya Allah, Ya Tuhanku", I know what I mean. So help me God! Of course one could get semantic to the point of ridicule.

But wouldn't I have substantive value cognition, of the Absolute Oneness of the Supreme Being, if I say, "Ya Tuhan or Ya Tuhanku"? The latter to my mind is no less sublime.

You might like to delve into Al Ghazali, which I have not, to find what's inadequate in the written symbols system.

Salam. Peace!

Anonymous said...

only a peeheaddick lke him would believe christians here using the word ALLAH would shake the very foundations of their islamic beliefs n faith. as a non muslim, i thot christians, jews n muslims are all people of the book n they dont even have to convert if they marry out into any of the other 2 faiths??

Salak said...

"...The only person who expressly uttered that phrase in the video was Khalid Samad...." - studio

Yusri said "Yes" to Khalid's conditional poser.

You better tell Khalid Samad, if you thought "he said it".

I've clipped a half hour video into under 3 minutes. Play it again.

What you believe is important to you surely!