Sunday, May 8, 2011

Singapore Elections | Balik Kampung II | ...closing in on the spirit

They say you can't take the kampung out of Malaysians. Many Singaporeans think so, too, surely. But old worn shoes could give you a spring in the stride.

In the harsh tones of battle politics of Singapore Elections 2011, the Big Cat meowed. Did Singaporeans accept it? Surely some did and some didn't. But PM Lee apologised after the feminine touch of a young budding female politician.

Despite Big Brother Govenment and Media muzzling of the citizenry, the Singaporean rakyat voices were heard, still stifled, though sanguine.

The voters scalped 3 Ministers and won only 6 places whilst the PAP romped home with 80. Has the PAP read the rakyat? They must have. It will tell in the coming days. It will tell whether the widely acclaimed prowess means more than the accolades repeated elsewhere of Singapore's success. The stories are loud. Malaysians look up to their Singapore neighbor and say they won't bat an eyelid at whatever dissenting things you say about Singapore. If you can't chew gum they say it must be bad for you.

In the excitement, anxiety and great expectations whilst waiting for the elections results, a faint musing voice had murmured.

Maybe the opposition lost. Maybe they might not still be fully heard. But if they can't chew gum, they are going to chew up the PAP Government. Some found what they lost. Many may keep what they might have always regarded theirs.

Kenny Tan's tweet does catch you. He found his kampung spirit ... not quite, but close to it. Would he look for it again? Would other Singaporeans look for it, too? Perhaps not in a wide encompaaing public consensus on how to interprete all that national wealth. It may mean different things to different people. But already, they're telling the "Tua Kampung" PAP. Now, if they can't move it, would they shove it?

But still, it seems old worn shoes walk you better. Not to walk you all over bodies in repose.

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