Tuesday, July 19, 2011

"BREHSI" was Loud but Economist was gagged

When will the Malaysian Home Affairs Minister ever realise that if a subscriber of the Economist is to see "blackouts" on any page of his copy he will be able to find out the truth of what's censored? Nowadays? This day and age? Or at all? A reader of the Economist?

The Malaysian subscriber copy Of the Economist
(from Tian Chua's pix page)

Perhaps, the Economist will be even more demanded now in Malaysia.

You can read the FULL article here - http://www.economist.com/node/18959359

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Jong said...

CLOWNS! What else can I say? Sigh.

Salak said...

Actually, had they let Bersih alone, they might get better marks by hustling Economist. Kampung people will burn the Economist, though that's just still a Yusuf Chong act! :)

Everything PDRM have to refute are all out there im vitual space!

Jong said...

No freedom of print, now no freedom of speech. Why is Najib so jittery and fearful? What is he so afraid of, unless he is guilty?

He just deported a French lawyer William Bourdon who was in Penang to brief Malaysians on the on-going Scorpene submarine lawsuit in France.
Bourdon was intercepted and picked up from the plane that flew him into KLIA from Penang Airport early this morning.