Thursday, July 21, 2011

BERSIH | PANIC IN BN? | arrest warrants for Anwar and Pak Samad

Looks like cops have run out of ideas or is this one of Hishammuddin's bright ideas?

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[Cops seek arrest warrants for Anwar and Pak Samad
Thursday, July 21 @ 01:39:31 CDT]

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Jong said...

Yes, panic strickened in BN that they lost all commonsense!

Salak said...

I recalled over TV news, or Internet news the IGP mumbled something about interviewing the 9 or 13 marchers including politicians.

But that was said in passing. It's like doing what you don't mean and meaning waht you don't. Typical what PM Najid says everyday and everywhere.

Assamjawa said...

"Mumbled"?: a confused state of mind?

It is believed when divine anger ruins a man, it first takes away his good sense!

Anonymous said...

Looks like the country is running wild with numerous 'gasbags', blowing the stench of c.rap noise

peng said...

Jong, there wasn't any commonsense in the first place!
This is tyranny in the highest order - can you imagine - in this day of modern democracy?

Jong said...

I may have to agree with you Peng on the bunch of putz in UMNO!

I read somewhere that Malaysians seems more forgiving on lazy, sleepy prime minister than one who is brutal, hypocrite, cheats, stupid yet arrogant.

His one silly mistake after another panics the bunch of corrupt UMNO warlords.

Salak said...

So what difference will Ku Li make now on things? He has been saying this all along. Last year he said -
'We were once Malaysians' .. . Even Khairy Kengkang who went against Bersih with UMNO Youth says he now wants reforms in elction laws! The great Kutty says take away the bad parts! Daim says UMNO is out of touch with reality!

Maybe they'll come out with Koran 2.0 next?!

Ku Li needs to declare a Charter, irrevocable, if he wants to do anything. Otherwise it's just cheating the Malays again, the majority of those who voted UMNO/BN think life is meaningless without the wayward royals. They just did the Agong in over the meeting before the walk!

UMNO should just fire Ku Li. They can keep that Khairy Kengkang! ;)