Friday, August 12, 2011

Apple | Problem ever since Adam was given one

Hu is the President of China. I don't mean who?

You know who is the President of Malaysia. And Obama is the President of America. But Hu is the President of China.

Najib is in a lot trouble now. Obama is in no less. But Hu is in trouble, too.

Najib will not make it again as PM. Obama is in doubt as Americans, like Malaysians, hurt and bleed because of "real values". He might have to meekly return the Nobel to Sweden. But what about Hu?

In a very democratic country like the US, Obama may lose his job. In a not so democratic country like Malaysia, Najib will lose his job. To his wife they say! Maybe we should have a woman as a President. But what about Hu?

It's not so nice for the people of China that after building up the trillions they found no bullions. That's tough. Sukarno used to say ..."Ganyang Malaysia!" So did the People's Republic of China ..."Ganyang America!" PM Najib cannot "Ganyang" anybody. Somebody is hiding his dentures. You wonder who's hiding Mahathir's dentures which need a big container the Bakun Resorvoir, maybe.

But what would it be like if Hu should want to "ganyang" America? Maybe Hu is twice shy having bitten America?

So how would Obama solve America's problem? Maybe follow ancient China's The Great Wall of America. You could employ lots of Americans that way. They did that in China centuries ago. Isn't it strange that the Japanese didn't think about that for the Tsunami? Maybe now they might just do that.

But what about Malaysia? What similar thing could we do? There is a need for Malaysia, too. We could build a bridge to Australia. We could build a speed train, then sell all the refugees to Australia. Couldn't we? Or could we?

Mankind's problems have always been one thing ...ever since a woman gave Adam the apple.

With so many Apples in everybody's clasp, it seems, still, to be the people of China's problem, too!

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