Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Walla !!! | SPR created a human voter from a village name

The name of the new voter (NAMA) is officially stated by SPR as "KG BARU". The location "it" will vote is Terangganu.

What idiots (or "Babis") do we pay for in SPR?

The likes of this, its Chairman?

SPR Chairman, Aziz

The ills of this country are dumped on reforms minded citizens and the opposition. The transgression of its institutions are done by the likes of of this act by these people (Babi) whom they shower with incredible awards but can't tell his right hand from his butt.

Babi punya pasal, Sapi punya nama!

Dont break your fast. Just stay fast to the reforms you decided we must reinstitute!

Parliament should reconvene and debate this serious matter right away and declare rectifications and institute whatever is decently necessary for the Election Laws!

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