Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Flip Side of "Roti Bakar"

Forget the Sunni - Shia divide or the Sufi.

It would be interesting to see what JAKIM would do if you live in the Polar regions.

As for the butter halal issue, I thought Golden Churn is halal. They have to prove it's not. It's not good enough to say it's in "doubt". It's their job to clear the "doubt".

Or is it their job to perpetuate "doubt"?

The Johor Coffee maker who used lard should be sent to hell, not deprive honest Muslims the opportunity to make a decent living in the cakes for the forthcoming festivities of Ramadhan. And he can take that JAKIM officer with him.

Coffee beans should not be prepared with lard or butter but toasted ... with the right heat and temperature to give the desired flavor of coffee you can pay. You can pay through the roof to get at the 2,000 or so chemicals buried in those seeds. Or you can roast your own with some very heavy metal pot or kuali and get your desired result.

What if instead of paying money for services you cannot get, we legislate that all food makers declare the "porcine" elements on their products? That would teach us to be honest in bizness and life generally. We have now gone to the extent of blaming butter for our bread.

Don't tell me JAKIM doesn't agree with that? Or do they?

But people will say ... ah ... but what will happen to the Halal Hub? I don't care what will happen to hubba-hubba halal hub. Have they given up creativity and innovation under pretence? Can you bring yourself to indecently give up?

What if the Johor Coffee maker had used margarine? Would that jeopardize the whole world production of palm oil?

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Jong said...

Ahh, good question! - what "if" margarine used?

That will never happen! Denial and official correction to call it misinformation and/or technical eror! All these can be easily be done in Bolehland!

Remember an immigrant with Permanent Resident(PR) status was a 'registered voter' until exposed by Opposition Pakatan, then turned "Malaysian citizen" within 4 hours? - Technical error claimed!

Salak said...

200,000 or more by now per Malaysiakini's reckoning!

BN has turned Malaysia, really made it, into a banana republic that stands only on the strength of its peel! ;)

It's impossible to find a credible BN MP or DUN member. The whole BN gomen is not worth any banana peel.

That SPR Aziz Chairman is a worm!

Remember Muara Tuang, Sarawak Election when Taib's brother breached the laws and no statement of previous election expenses incurred were declared during the specified time?

Nothing is sacred to these people.

They're a bunch of 'murtads'! ;)

Salak said...

Teruklah! Ain't it?

Babi punya pasal! Sapi punya nama! ;)

Apajadi said...

Brace yourselves folks, GE-13 to be the dirtiest election ever!

A whopping US$316 million will soon be pumped in by Aussie govt over the next 4 yrs for the "refugee-swap" deal, a convenient sum that the BN election machinery will find most welcoming plus free manpower!

Malaysia will accept 800 asylum seekers sent over from Australia, in exchange for 4,000 registered refugees from amongst the 93,000 currently living in Malaysia.

The 800 asylum seekers(from Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan and Sri Lanka) sent over by Australia will be allowed to legally work in Malaysia and have access to education and health care, unlike the total of 93,000 refugees already here!

Will 4 hours citizenship + rights to vote be part of the perks these asylum seekers be getting too?

Speak up against it, Malaysians don't we have enough social problems and thefts from illegal foreigners residing here already?

Salak said...


Looks like the Australia's Labor gomen and Malaysia's Barisan National
are very innovative ...reviving old bizness of slave trading???

Just wondering what kind of project Bill Gates can do to create jobs for these people in their home conutries instead of going ahead with the dumb 1Malaysia Email project. So much for Microsoft!

Anonymous said...

lu tolong gua, gua tolong lu...
aussie gomen caught d najis bug of doing things perhaps?

Salak said...

Ya kah? Tolong?

Or is it "Wa salah Lu mai kong?" ;)

Babi punya Hal, Sapi punya Nama! :(

Assalamu 'alaikum!

Orangutan said...

["...The local magistrate naturally ruled in favour of the corrupt Taib family company, which has illegally sequestered hundreds of thousands of hectares of woodlands from native Sarawakians, robbing them of their trees and replacing priceless tropical jungles with plantations and which is now destroying the Tasmanian jungle too.

Handing down a suspended jail sentence, he had harsh words for the young men who are desperately defending the areas that future generations will not forgive ours for destroying. In the process he presented the Taib family as an honest enterprise, running a decent business with no ill effects to others:

You place your own ideals above the rights of others, affecting businesses and the people who work there” he lectured “I am not politically minded whatsoever. But people should be able to operate a business without interference”.

In years gone by, of course, equivalent fellows would have defended slave owners in their right to their human property, or mill owners in their right to pay children a penny a week. But the fact is that opinion and understanding moves on and forces changes, which even magistrates eventually get to catch up with. ..."] - Sarawak Report

Anonymous said...

Well, they did say the law is sometimes an ass didnt they??