Sunday, July 31, 2011

Golden Churn | Which side is your bread buttered?

"Golden Churn" is a reputable "butter" brand and by reputation has set high standards. The "butter" has been around for the last 6 or so decades enthralling Malaysians in the countless ways it has been used for food - cakes and all and your faithful toasted bread!

In Malaysia we set very high standards and for JAKIM, it's higher! The Johore JAKIM people in the zeal to protect Muslims have jacked up the expectations for Ramadhan during when and building up to Hari Raya Ai'dil Fitri all kinds of delicacies are made with butter as an ingredient.

In May, 2011, JAKIM JOHORE declared "Golden Churn", the Australian butter, not "halal" as it was found to be contaminated with "babi" DNA (porcine). Information on the how and why is scarce. Problem, isn't it? You can't butter your bread on the usual side with Golden Churn if its your favourite.

Is JAKIM churning something?

However, JAKIM (National) have come out with a verbal statement and told TV 9, it was only for specific consignment of the product that was contaminated in Johore. Nothing in print so far has been seen.

If you love Golden Churn, don't whet your appetite just yet. You might just leave that side of your bread alone before you butter anything at all. Who knows? All "butter" is not "halal"?[PIX RIGHT: Golden Roti Bakar ]

With so much radio-active materials mined in Australia, I would be quite concerned if my butter is contaminated that way. But it seems they have buttered up Gebeng, Pahang where PM Najib was born.

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Jong said...

It's impossible for Australian Golden Churn Pure Creamery Butter to be contaminated with pigs DNA. I don't believe that would happen to products coming from first world countries especially so Ballantyne Foods Pty Ltd New Zealand/Australia, where their quality control(QC) is of utmost importance with half a century of good track record renown the world over!

Something must be so wrong over at Johor's coffee bean supplier and I tend to agree with you, Salak, something is being churned up. Looks like somebody may have just bought his/her butt out of trouble, no?

In Bolehland where we can't even trust our judiciary, police, macc what else, ..Jakim?

I hope the makers of Golden Churn Butter will pick up on this and sue the Muslim Consumers Assn Malaysia, Jakim and the Johor coffee bean supplier, left right and centre!

Lets sit back and watch Jakim and its political dogmas!

Jong said...

Btw, here's the link for reference..

Salak said...

If the Government of Malaysia can be sued so can JAKIM as some corportate entity within the system.

JAKIM should make the coffee beans people pay for their greed - roasting coffee beans with lard then adding Golden Churn for more aroma?

No coffee will be drinkable from beans roasted with lard alone!

But they have to demonize Golden Churn! For what ? To scare of Muslims so they'll vote BN?

Within these arguments, JAKIM is HARAM !

Muslims really don't need to go to the Holy Land to stone the Devils. There are plenty here! ;)

Salak said...

["...I hope the makers of Golden Churn Butter will pick up on this and sue the Muslim Consumers Assn Malaysia, Jakim and the Johor coffee bean supplier, left right and centre!" ...]

Yeah! I'm absolutely certain suing them is right. To go for them where it hurts most ... their pockets!

Not their soul or hearts which are possibly in their butts! ;)

Jong said...

You've got it all here -
Golden Churn is a Certified Halal Butter without doubt

So the Executive Chairman of Ballantyne(KL) is aware!

Anonymous said...

In our Muslim-majority country here, CORRUPTION is eating directly into our wallets n making us all poorer with lower standard of living, how is it there is no WATCH DOG AGENCY to keep strict watch over every govt tender or spending? Isn't this as HARAM or worse than unhalal butter?

Salak said...


Maybe our problem is we have DOGS watching over us! ;)

If you look again at the media report [#1] the case is about some coffee bean traders (Kluang Rail Coffee, Rail Passion Sdn Bhd) using lard and butter to roast their coffee beans. It's the "beans" that should be "contaminated".

From a religious viewpoint the "lard" (mixed with the butter) employed is "contamination".

But blame has been put on the butter. If they did their work well proper investigation would lead back to local original suppliers of the butter. Correctly what's contaminated is the "roasted coffee beans". Do you repack the contaminated fat meant for roasting and sell it off as butter rather than selling the beans which is your business? You're supposed to be selling coffee beans. That's not doing public service for Muslims nor the general consumer who has been cheated off the use of quality butter by compromising and substituting it partly with lard. Cows don't have have pig DNA.

The Sarawak JAKIM (JAIS) not Halal advisory is even more vague[#1b]. While the Johore case was more specific with information surrounding the discovery incident

Golden Churn is well reputed and they have evidence of halal certifications.[#2]

But the Johore and Sarawak JAKIM maintain its the butter that's contaminated not the "coffee beans"!!! Your brain tells you it's the beans but you say it's the butter ... a dishonesty, intellectually. ;)

What would it take to make JAKIM people say it's the coffee beans that's been contaminated (with lard) rather than the butter which is well reputed and evidently certified?

What JAKIM could do now is to require coffee beans to have Halal certification considering the aromatic hanky panky. That would bring in some income to retrain JAKIM people in simple syllogism and religious refreshers.

Well, this being the case, what would the BN government under whose care and responsibility is JAKIM, say about corruption? It's like giving you "burnt toast" instead of golden "roti bakar" ! ;) MACC has turned everything into "abu" while their officers[#3] catch small fish and innocent people jump out of windows!

Anonymous said...

considering the latest fiasco with Jabatan Kimia Malaysia in the Anwar's trial, we now know they are a bunch of incompetent ppl in an incompetent organisation. so its only logical to assume that this whole hoopla about Golden Churn butter is actually the fault of Jabatan Kimia rather than Jakim. They are the one who did the DNA analysis and came out with traces of pig DNA.