Sunday, November 27, 2011

2011 UMNO General Assembly Dec 1-3

"People who join the party are many but we want more party people who know the spirit, goals and interests of the party. This is what we want to instill in 3.4mil Umno members". PM Najib Razak

Of the thirty million Malaysians, less aliens and voting ghosts, UMNO has one tenth of the population. You would have thought their leaders fear the members but its the obverse.

But there's something many like of the AGM - the sideshows : varied delicacies that smitten the sick and this year it might be about the virtual space and UMNO warriors. They've had too many raids by Indonesian crackers on 1Malaysia site.

It should be eventful.

Perhaps we can hope the old Arab proverb might not catch the spirit of the participants:
“It is good to know the truth, but it is better to speak of palm trees.”

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Jong said...

There he goes again - the tale spinner! Meluat lah, he talks one thing and do another. This one-term PM not elected by the people cannot be trusted anymore. He lost all - integrity and credibility!

Salak said...

Ya, he's singing palm trees.

You would have thought he would lelong durians! ;)

Anyway, the cows are safely herded.

Soon the hot iron thongs will be out and UMNO members will be branded and ready for the butcher's knife!

Jong said...

Listen to his 'winnable crop of future leaders', everyone of them, they flipped his #1Malaysia# out the window!

Very soon his #1Malaysia# will be over to meet the same fate as his predecessor Badawi's "Islam Hadhari".

Salak said...

Now he's speaking!

But where's the beef!? ;)

Salak said...

He's used Indonesian cliches! Hmm

They "won their independence" from the Dutch!

Didn't the Brits give "UMNO independence"?

For what, to slaughter the Malays?

But UMNO Malays are faithful and blind to a fault. You give them something, like a "cow branding" and they'll give you the veins on their necks!.

One decade after new millennium and still the same old cow tune!

Jong said...

Hahaha!! And I notice, he'd pause for claps that were slow to response and even then they came faintly! That's how desperate Najib is.

So now he must talk macam-macam about Melayu-UMNO and institution of Raja-Raja being "hina'd"!

Salak said...

Samy Vellu is there, too! Bless Samy!

Must be a rush job. Some chopper must have brought him back safely, thank goodness!

Salak said...

For the Youths he's brought up AUKU!

That's a mean amendment on University students. IPTS (private U's) are not covered by new amendments. They're free to do whatever politically. IPTA's (public) where big majority of Malays undergraduates are - they can't by this new amendment.

That's slaughteing the Malays again!

Apa lah UMNO?

Party Malay butchers ke?!

Salak said...

Lame speech.

One thing just hefore he stood down, he was fear mongering on Opposition's plan to strengthen Public Service and finances. He's saying Opposition will sack civil servants.Youths may cringe in fear, so will civil servants.

Some of our Public Servants anyway are hardly civil.

Khalid Abu Bakar, Dy IGP should be sacked. He was after all judged wantonly negligent, as Selangor Police then, when people died in Police custody.

Very lame speech but safe!

Anyway, it's clear PM Najib cannot be other than follow cowherd mentality.

Salak said...

But this is not to say each and everryone of UMNO members are that bad.

This clever one quipped:

"...TANJONG Karang Wanita chief Datuk Habibah Mohd Yusof (pic) said PAS Bukit Gantang MP Datuk Seri Nizar Jamaluddin had claimed at a ceramah that Wanita Umno head Datuk Seri Shahrizat Jalil had a bra costing RM26,000.

“If Kak Ijat's bra costs RM26,000, I wonder how much mine would cost since my size is bigger,” she added, almost bringing the house down.
..." - Habibah

Apajadi said...

Whaah Habibah!
Hey Salak, this COW you like to milk?

Salak said...

Nah! I'm anti-lactic, allergic to milk. Too bad.

You got a Coke? The real thing? ;)

Red-Bull said...

" I do my job, my husband does his. It (NFC) has nothing to do with me."

Why don't she just say it out loud that the husband' is no longer hers, so are her sons?

This Backdoor Minister of Women, Family and Community Development is too embarrassed to reveal so?

Salak said...

OK lah! So I don't drink milk and don't eat beef. I think Malaysians should eat more CHIKIN !

Eat all the beef you want, that's fine with me. But make sure the project is well done.

They bought a condo from the project money. Now latest, they bought some land in Putrajaya!


Why didn't they buy expertise? It's very expensive to buy and ship cattle. Mortality during shipment might be bad depending on where suppliers are. Then you pay for shipping and insurance.

It would have been good had they bought expertise and build a core of related scientists to do artificial insemination and get the best breed. For better beef! Where's the beef?

How about eat more CHIKIN? ;)

Salak said...

Red Bull,

Maybe UMNO has got Habibah's message! They might move on to CHIKIN project.

That'd be fine. Then Malaysians will have a big korban feast come this GE 13! Bad number number for them. If 1111 was bad this is badder! :))