Thursday, December 1, 2011

Mohamed Rahmat | Confessions of a Spin Master

“I had to bring Malay loyalty back to Umno. And I had to raise a presumption that anybody who supported (Team B led by Tengku Razaleigh then) was not loyal. I went all out in this psychological warfare.”

“The Malays were numb to political arguments ... I needed something that penetrated the heart. I needed a song.”

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Angry Bird said...

Mohamed Rahmat confessed in his book:

“The Malays were numb to political arguments ... "

They still are, no brainers! Even with Cow Minister Shahrizat Abdul Jalil's NFC dung all over their faces, they obediently avoid calling for her resignation - herd mentality!

Salak said...

Angy Bird,

In this decade, the Opposition would have grabbed him.

We'll have to read his book "The End of a Dream". Have to get a copy somewhere if we can glean what his dream was. You have to remember, he was educated in Indonesia and a very talented guy.

That he locked horns with Mahathir over unfair land deals in his home state of Johore might help us understand what this dream was.

That said, he was UMNO's Spin Master and did a more terrific job than those guys Najib or Taib are paying. We may not agree with the man, but you have to admit he was some worthy adversary though at the end of it, he was humbled by his past.

The Malays he meant there has to be UMNO and PBB Malays ! :))