Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Malaysia 2011 | False prophet or seditious phony politician?

PM: Malays in peril if Pakatan rules

Malays and Muslims have no choice but to defend the current federal government as this is they only way the future of the Malay race and the dignity of Islam can be safeguarded, said Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak.

“There are those offering an alternative. The question that needs to be asked is: ‘Can they be better than the present administration?’

“Can they guarantee that the special position we enjoy now will not be eroded?” he said in a speech to two thousand Malaysia Islamic Missionary and Welfare Association (Pekida) members, in Shah Alam today.

Though Najib did not name the so-called alternative, it was clear that he was referring to Pakatan Rakyat in his jibe that followed.

“Even before they are in power they want to reduce the civil service by half… they want to change the flag, to pollute the sanctity of the Malay Rulers and question the policies that help Malays,” he said.

Najib stressed that there will BE no compromise on the special rights of the Malays as enshrined in the constitution.

“The non-Malays must not cuit (antagonise) the feelings of Malays. Don’t change what was already decided upon and discussed,” he said, during the ‘meet the PM’ session. - Malaysiakini

Mug Award for PM Najib

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