Thursday, January 5, 2012

RAIN & FLOOD | Kuching and Kota Baru


Jong said...

Flood in neglected state of Kelantan biasa lah with insufficient federal funds for this opposition-controled PAS State government but for cash rich, oil rich and balak rich Sarawak under BN government, there is no reason to flood!

Public Works Dept aka Jabatan Kerja Raya is never short of engineers and why aren't flood prevention schemes thought of, eg river dikes at river mouths or along coastal areas, floodgates or even dams to divert the water, to protect lives, animals and crops?

How much longer can Sarawakians tolerate, not that you are a poor state? This has been going on for half a century and more yet, you guys in Sarawak kept voting those corrupt in to power every 4+ years, why? Think.

Where have all $$$$ gone, Taib Mahmud? - Sarawakians' $$$$?

Salak said...

Of course we voted lah!

If that scum Aziz of SPR had been ethical Taib's brother Ali Mahmud would have been kicked out in Samarahan last election. The others we lost? Maybe the votes turned into water - ballot boxes thrown into rivers which now are flooding us. This is some sick irony.

Sarawak don't have Public Works Dept. We have PRIVATE Works Department ...all works privately done by Taib's Company CMS!

Taib's cronies (themselves bumiputeras and Cinapeks) used to tell Sarawak bumiputeras and all and sundry ..."Bumiputeras, ah? Sorry to say!" And the Cinapeks in JKR say the same thing also. Taib told them to anyhow.

Of course lah bumiputera can never do anything ...only Taib and cronies can!

Where have the money gone to? "Sorry to say lah". Long story, go check at Sarawak Report. Some of it might have gone to bail out Yankee banks. In addition to bailing out monkey Malaysian cronies. Taib has bizness everywhere

Batu Lintang DUN constituency was won by a PR(PKR) politician. No sound from him. He might have drowned.