Friday, January 6, 2012

Kuching Flood | In the aftermath

Whilst Sarawak politicians are busy contemplating whether PM Najib can save the nation of Malaysia, the parents and siblings of Kho Ying Qi, a Form 6 female student and her brother, Herman who had perished in the flood on 5th January, might be wondering how life can be so fragile in the City of Kuching where you have not one, but two Mayors who were once a book keeper and the other an ex cop.

Not far from the place of the drowning incident at Batu Lintang, politicians and cronies have interests in a piece of land now under development.

Sarawakians used to have an old superstition that before any major works are to be done some lives must be sacrificed to appease the spirits. It no longer matters if people believe in that any more. Those two precious young lost yesterday were sacrificed, because the accident could have been avoided if City Council had done their job better in spending on putting up appropriate fences to save lives instead of preventing citizens from political participation. Fences had been put up by Kuching City Council in certain areas in Kuching for crowd control. But were the two innocent young lives sacrificed to keep Najib and Taib in Office?

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