Tuesday, May 1, 2012

@Bersih 3.0 | BBC | Who censored what?

Screenshot of BBC News bit on Bersih, Malaysia

I searched the BBC News on 28 evening and 29 April and saw the same image clip as screenshot today displayed above.

The following day the Youtube version of the videocast censored clip came in the mailbox and I put it up here.

Browsed BBC again just now at ..."news/world-asia-17879041"... and still it's the same as the screenshot above.

If I couldn't get today what was supposed to be on Bersih day 28 and further on 29 April from BBC themselves at their site, WHO IS CENSORING WHAT??? What would be the BBC's interests and all those decades of News before and after Merdeka? Astro has no interest in Malaysia except the monopoly it now has. The Youtube clip very professionally mastered of the censored BBC news videocast of 28 April is what civil society would provide as an an endearing contribution. Could BBC have enduring interests? Despite the official protest it has purportedly made to Astro? And which protest has not gone to open publication but only after being prodded by Sarawak Report?


BBC's website is best viewed by Firefox. Google has problems handling BBC's audio/video plugins, as a result of which I was not able to view the clip, my browser being Chrome. I have long given up on IE, the slug crawler!

The following is a screenshot of the Bersih KL news video by BBC. It would have been fruitful had BBC put an advisory of their audio and video fits. - 2:17 PM 2/5/2012

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