Monday, May 21, 2012

Education? | The best 1Malaysia Instant Noodles you can get

“The world's a stage and each of us must play a part.” - Super Jib the Bard.

PM Najib said that in Washington, a place where there ain't many people who remember the other Bard.

Are there jobs for Malaysian US graduates when they finish college and universities? Najib says Americans will take care of Malaysians while their own people are crying out for more jobs and have Occupied Wall St to make sharp points. There don't seem to be much to spare for Yankees, least of all Malaysians.

Former US Secretary of Labor and present Professor Robert Reich says Americans are f*cked. Wonder if Malysians can submerge from the economic chaos there and make the yanks look stupid.

Maybe Insp.Clouseau can investigate why so Malaysians are not so enlightened.

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