Thursday, May 17, 2012

Bersih Fallout | Melayu malulah

Tunku Aziz Ibrahim’s ‘live TV resignation’ from the DAP will damage the party’s image among "thinking Malays".

THE persecution of Tunku Aziz Ibrahim has begun in earnest on the Internet. The former DAP vice-chairman was hailed as a hero by Pakatan Rakyat supporters when he joined DAP in 2008. Today the same people are vilifying him on pro-Pakatan news portals, criticising his decision and calling him all sorts of names. Politics is a cruel game but the anonymity afforded by the Internet makes ordinary people even more cruel and ruthless than politicians. - Joceline Tan, The Star 16 May 2012

When you're a member of the BN parties you only suffer once. You vote for BN and that's it. Subsequently were you to go umpteenth times voting for them again, its counted as once. BN forever. If you're just a supporter, you're a little freer.

As for other non party members you face all kinds of shit. One time it's BN you vote another it's the opposition. If you make a mistake once you're in jeopardy. After anothe 5 years you make another you're in double jeopardy. In fact since 1963, youre life has been nothing but jeopardy. The BN has been ruling since you first learn to walk. Some say you alway have that limp.

If you're a Malay you're never in hell. Jeopardy is just jest!

You are the "prince of the land" but might be landless. You're supposed to be owning 30% of the national equity but probably be in debt at 60% of that quantum. You might have a responsible position but you can't think. You are asked to be YOU, a "prince of the land" and you really don't need to think. Others are willing and able to do it for you. This will largely be the few Malays, the nobility and the royalty or the Sheikh or Abang. Then there will be able and willing people like Jocelyn Tan. Is that great or isn't it?

Well, Tunku Aziz is a right royal Malay. He has served the country and ably, too.

More so than ever he spoke his minds when the moment demanded it. Not so recently though but in 2007. It was a damn serious matter. Then he had called the government "mockers". They made a mockery of public open consultation, the laws and the institutions of government. Thinking Malays loved him for it. I don't know that Jocelyn Tan ever loved anybody else but whoever it was and is. And they were overjoyed when he joined DAP. She wrote that.

So now that Tunku Aziz bungled and the "thinking" Malays don't like it, the DAP will be damaged. Why? Because "thinking Malays" think Malays!!! Or so it seems. Malays never think. They just mock ...themselves. Malays mock Malays.

Tunku Aziz was and is right. It was much mockery. More than money Malays made. Mindful of their minders like Tunku Aziz the Malay, sons of the motherland (or was it the fatheland).

Malays never did and never had any mind. Tunku Aziz screwed up and they blame the DAP.

Malulah Melayu!

And what's worst, those Malays who are both real and virtual citizens ---grrr ---- they are worst than politicians, they're cruel and ruthless! And they "persecute" dear Tunku Aziz, a towering Malay Man. Let's hope Tunku Aziz get's due protection from the Legal Authority, minus the mockery it was enscombed in. encumbured with.

Memang malulah Melayu.

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Jong said...

"Tunku Aziz, a towering Malay Man"?

Gosh, his tower collapsed "live" on BN controlled Ntv7 when he used with words like “biadab”(ill-bred)to describe Penang Chief Minister and DAP Sec-General Lim Guan Eng, a word that no decent gentleman will use to describe another.

Those hyenas then went in to rip him apart down to his dignity and left him no choice but to resign his DAP Vice Chair on air!

Salak said...

Angels cannot live in virtual hemisphere lah ! :))

Do you think he was in the wrong world or what?

He could be a nice old man to rap with! Who knows? "You know" ! ;))

Damn! I can't get my microphone to work right! Could be cigarette butt stuck somewhere ! :))