Thursday, June 28, 2012

Sea of Green | But not Scorpene Submarines

Like most things in Malaysia, as with the ignoble Twin Towers, Parliament is a show joint. Bung Mukhtar, that Sabah MP, was one of them who started it all, under the slitty eyes of the Speaker from Sabah, a Panglima or Pendikar something with a broken Kris.

It's quite amusing. Mohd Aziz MP had made a call, loud and clear, for Bersih leader to be hanged for treason - all for commiting the act of wanting free and fair elections. You could guess what happened or will happen next.

Parliament is broken and in a mess ... about time we have a General Election ... and soon. But for Goodness sake, not during Haj season lah!

But Hell, it might just come...sooner than later!

# If you like Hangman could try this

PS: Not all submarines are bad. How about this one?

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