Sunday, July 15, 2012

Ramadan Thots | Is it wrong to be happy?

1Malayisa is a dreamland, a Disneyland and a circus of sorts.

Trouble is Malaysians are awake, it's not fun and the elephants are white.

It's not clear what Malaysians think and feel about the Harmony Act. It's like a Happiness Law. You know, it sounds like you might get locked up for being under distress, miserable or unhappy.

But Malaysians are locked-up, unhappy and soon Muslims have to fast for Ramadan with the average Malaysian household debt hitting the roof and punching holes.

It's a circus but its unreal. Where's the real Circus?

Anyway, you could just do some form of fasting this Ramadan - try dieting. And surely the Lord is forgiving and merciful.

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