Thursday, August 9, 2012

A Tan Sri leads Degrees Dummies

“The degrees are not recognised by the government and invalid. Those involved in buying fake degrees must come forward voluntarily,” he told a press conference at Selangor police headquarters, here today.

On July 16, a local newspaper exposed the sale of fake degrees by an education institute in Subang Jaya. which claimed to work with three foreign universities as partners.

The education institute was said to have sold Bachelor’s degrees for RM6,500 each, while Master’s and doctorates went for RM8,500 and RM10,500, respectively.

Some 525 people including VIPs were believed to have “graduated” and received fake degrees without attending lectures, sitting for examination and submitting papers.

Something is very wrong and rotten in the State of Denmark!

We have 2 phallic symbols that greet the sunrise. The country has lost more than RM1.08 trillions and we didn't hear about it till quite recently or some 20 months ago. A Prime Minister and a Chief Minister who do a lot of bizness and Senior Special Branch Police Officer who talked like a pig! He's not a very big pig. The bigger one is the Secretary to the Federal Goverment of Malaysia. He's a Phd of some sort and he waxed with unbounded imagination.

Can you beat that?

Here's more - the 2012 Merdeka Day logo is a sick joke and the signature tune for the celebration is thought to be a rip off!

Rais Yatem, Minister in charge of MCMC, bravely says, "...everything can look bad if the mind is closed."

That's true but no two different pieces of music are alike. But it's hard to tell the difference for Merdeka Day revellers.

All that Rais wants to do is keep people from talking about the George Kent Scandal that PM Najib is involved in!

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Jong said...

That Perlis guy? Don't think he can write a decent essay. Tak malu!

Salak said...

Shahidan former MB got a PhD too! I thought that was genuine.

It doesn't sound like the oresent MB guy has a real one. It tells the moment the denial came up.

Effendi Norwawi was peddling some Harvard franchise that has gone awry...He was given a grant of RM100 million and nothing useful happens with MUST, the setup.

Jong said...

...something's wrong and rotten in the state of denmark!

Yes, the whole bunch of them have identity issues, suffering from very deep complex - title crazy, duit crazy now PHD(Permanent Head Damage)!