Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Malaysia muzzled via repressive Internet Laws

If you have an internet address, write blogs or have a page where there is dialogue on open subjects you're liable for the opinions expressed via restrictions and amendments made on Act 150 and/or Amendment 114A on activity on the web.

Simply put, Malaysian Authorities presume you are guilty unless you can prove otherwise as against legal conventional notions that you are innocent UNLESS proven guilty.

Find out more at ...http://stop114a.wordpress.com/what-is-section-114a/

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Jong said...

"STOP114A" - Internet Blackout Day was a tremendous success when Malaysian civil society came to gether in protest against an amendment to Evidence Act 1950

Check this 'must read' piece by A. Asohan at TMI...


Salak said...

There are many mixed reactions on this.

As Asohan says, fundamentally its the general awareness both here and readily prevalent in Cyber kingdom or hemisphere.

Some if not many Malaysians are more concerned at the distortion in fundamental conceptual freedom and the legal principles governing our lives.

The naked attack on freedom for Malaysians is the moment you hit the Appliance button you're assumed guilty by the Laws and the Constitution. If you hit that button, you done yourself in. So what do we do? Have paired coconut shells with an extensible string to communicate where it falls out of the notions of being internet wired? :-))

So the Sedition Laws still silence and handcuff us!!!

But the jerk Najib says he's transforming and freeing Malaysians!

The BN gomen acclaims and proclaims liberalism and reforms and hides behind the idea of the absolutionist facade of the Law. Well, the Malaysian gomen leaders with PM Najib as torch bearer is archaic and archetypically mongoloid.

Still we can find blessings even in the crevices of bare rocks. The BN people are just a bunch of retarded and inward looking bunch of monkeys. There ain't no difference and we're still in the old UMNO's Archipelago! Of what? Of UMNO's timeless Archipelago of Arrogance? ;-))