Thursday, August 2, 2012

Ramadan Thots | II - Is it Wrong to be Happy?

Malaysians are nice good people. And like all good people, they have had their share of the ups and downs of the grind.

now, grim prospects cast dark clouds in the distant horizon - economic life is in the doldrums with national and household debts poking holes in the roof. Not all, but there are sections of the citizenry who might need more than hunger to shake and rattle them to squarely look at the reality - our country is mismanaged: has been and still is.

No butt rocking will make the problems go away. No inquistion of the once nascent dissent that now has taken many forms, some of which have been night vigils, peace walks and sit and protest, will blot out the nastiness of mistaken beliefs.

Ramadan should make us steadfast in certain things: the search and pursuit for a better life, the endless unfairness that need to be ceased and the nurturing spirit that strives to enrich the human spirit.

Question! Should we stay HUNGRY and revel in it? Or should we lift some forgotten element that's been eating away our innards? If it was there God given, should we diminish virtues and continue in denial? There are universal platforms for different realms of enlightenment and spiritualism. There are action oriented global causes to weed out poverty and hunger

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