Thursday, December 4, 2008

Change and Challenges

Children and the future

Speaking via video conference to "Zeitgest" in 2007, Clinton outlined some global problems. We need to care for future and present children and put them to schools and give them education and better healthcare to prepare them in facing population estimated to reach 9 billion in 43 years and the depletion of resources

We're working very hard in Malaysia overcoming double sessions in both primary and secondary schools and unemployed youths after higher education. In addition the threat of Hand Foot and Mouth Disease is very real in Sarawak and they affect very young children.

In this short video Clinton addresses highlights of these problems and the underlying major challenges of persistent income inequality, education and health care. To challenge present world citizens to act on change he proposes that there must also be very organized systems to reward and recognize efforts made.

It is relevant not only to social action groups but philantrophists, organised government and institutions.

You may watch the full length video (38:24) H E R E.

The Bill Clinton Lecture in KL will be aired "live" by Astro on Awani Channel 501 on friday 5 Nov08 at 5.55pm!

Thanks for the info, Jong!


Jong said...

Wow that was fun, listening to the former President of USA Bill Clinton singing with the children in Israel! They should have got him to sing
"Rasa Sayang eh" in Kuala Lumpur earlier this evening.

Salak said...

Yeah! Wouldn't it?

80 kids, 40 Jewish and 40 Arabs!

Got the KL talks on video, but audio didn't work out, so only a silent lecture.

Know anyone who's got one?

Jong said...

I particularly like that part at today's Lecture when President Bill Clinton said, he's aware Malaysia is experiencing 'political conflicts', said it's GOOD, shows everybody is thinking(HA, that was hilarious!), disagreement means we think and it's healthy. He further added, "Nobody is right all the time". Who says? UMNO thinks they are right all the time and they even want to play GOD!

Salak said...

Errr...Play God?!

Maybe not quite.

More like Aping? ;)