Monday, December 1, 2008

Wood for the Trees

Rains are here. There was lighning, too. Yesterday. It nearly cooked my router modem. Internet speed was at a crawl. Perhaps, there are things that TM just can't help.

In the colder parts of the world, winter's coming and soon. Just musing that you could get 10 years more of your life, if you live there. But could you?

Once, there was a Dutch who came out to Kuching and as a guest. Whilst in the car, the air-conditioning was on full blast. He leaned forward and asked it to be turned down. Another guest asked to let it.

The Dutch said, "You won't die from the warmth!"

The English fler meekly said, "Yes, why don't we pull down the windows? It isn't that hot!"

He kicked my seat and muttered in a low breath, "Or is it?"


CT said...


Kat tempat you biasa kena banjir tak?

Salak said...

Salam kembali, CT,

Ada sikit-sikit tapi syukurlah ada barage, benteng mekanikal yg menahan banjir tapi hanya untuk sebahgian kawasan Kuching saja!

peng said...

Or is it a case of trees first, before you get the wood? Just like chicken or egg, which first? Pening lah ini. Our gomen's policy is get the eggs first, eh? Chicken die, die lah. Sudah cukup makan!

Salak said...

Try not to see "a tree", there's a whole lot of them in the woods.

In addition, in modern day terms, there are in the woods all kinds of system. Insects that mature flowers to beautiful, delicious things although to a few it might knock them out! :)

Then, there there could Tarzan and Jane swinging from tree to tree. They can't swing it, with just one tree! :)