Thursday, December 4, 2008

Quotes of the Day

"Umno should be the provider, the one who takes care of everyone and has the trust of all communities. That is how we started, that is our achievement."

Zaid Ibrahim [ Shannon Teoh, The Malaysian Insider ]

“The essence of Malay poverty can only be learned here. Up to now I’m still writing and thinking why the Malays still live in poverty."

Ungku Aziz [ Rashidah Abd Ghani, Bernama ]


peng said...

Comment no.1:
How can Umno be the provider for all when it only know how to take care of it's own pockets, and (almost forgot), the cronies too! The fact is that Umno did not even provide for the Malays, what more us pendatangs who are liken to anak angkat.

Comment no.2:
Ungku Aziz should ask Dr.M and all the other PMs. Maybe they will suddenly discover that all the wealth, supposed to be equally distributed is sitting in some swiss accounts.

Salak said...

If he doesn't know, peng, siap kita mau tanye?!!!

Salak said...

Rather, no will tell! :D

Salak said...

Gee, peng!

My typing bad lah!

Salak said...

In very GOOD FAITH, I hope Zaid land safely. Ini hujan ler! angin ler! :D

Anonymous said...

At the recent DAP Victory dinner in Penang, Zaid Ibrahim expanded his ideas re Comment 1. I believe one must look at that comment carefully because there are cryptic messages which can be discovered when we read in between the lines.

To me, the answer lies in the fact that Zaid used the modal 'should'.

And he said that is how they STARTED...but he never said that it is being perpetuated.

The fact that it failed to do what it was SUPPOSED to do what it wanted to do when it started provides the answer to Comment 2.

At least that is how I look at it.

Jong said...

The original idea was good, positive, honest and unpretentious. It was ONE for all and all for ONE, and there was unity and trust among Malaysians until that racist mamakfler Dr Mahathir stepped in, politics in the country changed forever. He introduced money politics, corruption became rampant, out of control and he divide and ruled. The whole country became so polarised, and today, distrust and animosity is felt everywhere. It's sad.

peng said...

Salak, I agree with Jong. 22 years of 'you know who' did a lot of harm to the nation. And now he wants to put his hand back into the leadership. Malaysians started off living together in peace and harmony. Then we have the father of the PM-in-waiting stirring up dissent among the people. It's all the way downhill from then.
So Salak, which generation do you wish to be born in?

Salak said...

You mean I have a SECOND go at it! :D

Aahh! I better put on my thingking cap! :D

Be back! Need so essence! :D

Salak said...


It's kind of silly being a provider. It's odd that a corporate lawyer like Zaid who deals in huge assets or liabilities come down with a provider concept. That's muddling the whole issue. This, in my opinion is 19th century imperial local myth. Quite odd!

Don't know a progressive governance system can last out that way. It may end up - like, I feed you, so shut up! I know what's good for you! Was that Zaid talking?

Ungku Aziz was just being polite, peng!

Salak said...

Jong, You're suggesting some sort of system failure. When a balance didn't occur, bugger whacked the system and the rest is history!

And now there is suggested an imbalance caused in the immunity rights of royalty!

Salak said...

"That is how we started, that is our achievement."

Nothing is more certain than that, masterwordsmith! Oh god your name is long!

In fact there is suggested so much done, it is very honorable! If it is all about the economy, what is Zaid talking about? some old myth?

Salak said...

Zaid's idea of UMNO being a "provider" is mythical!

Salak said...

Old myth about a mistaken belief? A heresis of arrogance?

Salak said...


Are you "thinking" that Unku Aziz is saying those guys, Zaid included, have gone off their rockers?

peng said...

Ah Salak, don't you know that mythology is the rule of the day here.

1) It is mythical that the leader of a country is determined by 2,600 delegates , of which 1,560 are contractors.

2) It is mythical that a policy that has been in existence for 50 years supposedly to help those who have-not, ended up helping those who have-lots.

3) It is mythical that political personalities can be above the law, of course by default of the system.

Yes, indeed we live in a mythical nation, where what is mine is the country's and what is the country's belongs to the country's.

Need I say more Salak? Better not, else I have nightmares thinking too much.

Good nite!

Salak said...

"the modal 'should'

...Yes, of course

he never said that it is being perpetuated

...apparently, it does tend to suggest that he might not agree but that he is a product, like it or not. Let's see if he might give other comments. It is mischievious for him to suggest that it is an "achievement". Zaid was very loud before he joined as Minister, as a no holds barred sense.

In another sense, "provider" is a holy attribute.

"but he never said that it is being perpetuated."

...correct, as a way to appease?

In any case, the quotes do point to the stark truth of the state of the nation, which is what they are I had hoped, to do!