Tuesday, January 27, 2009

GUILTY? Again ?!

Malaysia Chief of Police, Musa Hassan (L) | Selanggor Police Chief, Khalid Abu Bakar (R)
GUILTY: Breach of statutory duty, recklessness and gross and wanton negligence. 29 July, 2008

There has been a suspected figure of some 3 dozen deaths of Malaysians while in Police custody. There has been no attempts for the BN Government who has been in power for 49 or 51 years, to do its job in the name of common decency. There has not been any other Government since Merdeka and BN will have to accept this accolade of sorts.

The second autopsy, which veracity should also be questioned, on the death of Kugan has been completed. Who will BN have to take this responsibility? I'd like to see a public hanging of sorts on Padang Merdeka soon!

The police are now questioning some 21 people, including two deputy ministers, for allegedly barging into a hospital mortuary to view Kugan’s body last week. The family and the two politicians dispute the police and hospital version of events, saying they had a right to see the body.

His death is the latest over the years of suspects, mainly Indians, who had died suddenly in police custody.

Political parties across the divide have asked for an independent probe into his death and others in the past.
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MORE INF0 - Past statistics

Deaths in Police Custody

According to statistics released in Parliament in October by the Home Ministry, 23 people died in the country’s police lock-ups between 2002 and July 2003. Out of this total, 16 died in 2002. During the same period, 425 prisoners died during their incarceration, 237 of them in 2002; this is an average of 19.75 deaths per month. The monthly average for the first seven months of 2003 rose to 26.86 deaths per month, with 188 fatalities reported in prisons nationwide. Deputy Home Minister Chor Chee Hueng refused to specify the cause of the deaths. [Oct 2003]

Asian Human Rights Commission

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shrek said...

Malaysia definitely needs another peace agency such as a Sheriff or a Federal Marshal or FBI similar to the US. Apart from doing security and policing duties, and enforcing Court decisions, this agency will also conduct investigation when the Police are involved. There is no way the PDRM can do an independent and unbiased investigation of their own personnel.

The PDRM have covered up so many cases of misconduct by their personnel including the infamous black eye on Anwar Ibrahim. The Royal Commission on Anwar should have been empowered to establish the setting up of another agency if the PDRM is found to have covered up the misconduct of Rahim Noor.

Salak said...


We just had a new Anti-corruption body, the MACC, modelled after the Asian success of Hong Kong. We also have just completed KT Bye Election, where the Ministry of Information Official openly bribed journalists!

Out of the abundance of evidence the MACC refused to investigate and the Police are silent!

It's so pathetic!

Mahathir recently called for Bush to be dragged to an International Court of Justice! The Mossad should drag Mahathir there, too!

shrek said...

The MACC is just a renamed ACA. The people are the same so it won't make any difference. Their duties are the same that is to investigate corruption when a report is made.

The Sheriff, Marshal or FBI operates on a wider scope, investigation crime as well as misconduct by an agency including human trafficking or race related hate crime. Often times you find the Sheriff or FBI investigating the Police especially where an officer is involved in a shoot out or when a death occurs in police custody.

Relabelling ACA as MACC just won't do the job.

As for Mahathir calling for Bush to be tried in ICJ, Mahathir must remember he too can be tried in ICJ for anti semitic remarks made to cause tension in the international arena. Mahathir should just fade away and write his memoir. His time has passed, even UMNO doesn't like him anymore. How many followed him when he resigned from UMNO?

shrek said...

Apa Nama Che Det has become like old wine, no longer mellow and nice to consume. Instead the wine has turn into vinegar, sour and bitter.

Jarod said...

I guess he is too addicted to malaysia politic. He is not able to let go.

Poking here n there... he is not even a senior exco or something equivalent. Luckily Malaysia don't have the position.

If Chedet is on trial, I wonder his TUN-SHIP will protect him or not.

shrek said...

TunShip will only protect him in Malaysia and maybe Zimbabwe but not elsewhere. Perhaps we may get lucky if On one of his frequent visit overseas, someone serve him with an arrest warrant.

Jong said...

Who says "Tunship" will protect him? It's only in corrupt Malaysia under Barisan Nasional can he be protected! That SOB must be brought to trial if Pakatan Rakyat forms the next government. He knows it fully well and that was why he said if Anwar Ibrahim becomes the PM of Malaysia, he will defect elsewhere. Guilty conscience!! Where to ..Zimbabwe?