Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Happy CNY - Ox HangOver


shrek said...

Talk about hangover, watch Obama speaking to the Muslim world on CNN.

The speech is heard all round the world, loud and clear.

Salak said...

There is no dearth of Malaysians who worship Mahathir for bringing the country to what it is now, where the Government is responsible for their citizens' deaths in their so-called safe custody!

Is this Ketuanan or what?

shrek said...

The Malaysian government has given the PDRM Double O standards like the James Bond movies where Bond can kill anyone and not held accountable.

There should be a complete overhaul of PDRM interrogation practices including the so-called "turning over" of suspects.

If the PDRM continues its practices then criminals will rather have a shoot out than be captured. Either way they will die so better die fighting.

Salak said...

{"...Political observers in Malaysia suggest that they could be intended to create fear among non-Muslims on the existence of militant Muslim groups and reduce the popularity which PAS has gained among non-Muslims. Such action would divert the attention of the nation on the serious economic crises being faced by the nation, and consolidate Prime Minister Mahathir's position until the next General Election. [31 August, 2001]

Malaysia Day Petition ...}

It still seems so remote that these excesses are inhuman acts of selfcentered Malaysians who mouth faithless chants and prayers in the names of their Maker whom they desecrate and spurn every waking minute.


There is only one way for any measure of accountability and justice - Malaysians must now decide in a General Election!

The time is now - for those UMNO few who are not hypocrites and perverts, it will be the chance for them to reform their party and salvage their dignity.

shrek said...

Why would the UMNO goons try to change anything in UMNO? If they do, they will deprive themselves of the opportunity to create wealth for themselves. They join UMNO not to serve the citizens but to make money. The present leaders in UMNO is not the same as the generation of Tunku, Tun Razak and the first cabinet.
The UMNO leaders at that time sold all their personal belongings to fight for independence and make sacrifice to ensure development for the rakyat. Most of them died poor unlike the present crop who become instant millionaire upon being elected a Ketua Bahagian. One term and they are set for life. When they can give out RM 300 to RM 500 per member just to be voted for a position in UMNO, just wonder how much money they have blowing in the wind.

UMNO will not change but will disintegrate.