Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Malaysian Government Guilty - breach of statutory duty, recklessness, gross and wanton negligence

(L)Malay Chief of Police, Musa Hassan | (R)Selanggor Police Chief, Khalid Abu Bakar

The High Court today, July 29, awarded damages for Tamil Selwee, a housewife, who "also succeeded in her claim for four declarations, namely that the death of her son, M. Ulaganathan, while in police custody on July 21, 2003, was caused by the police and that Ulaganathan's death was caused by their breach of statutory duty, recklessness and gross and wanton negligence."

The Inspector General of Police and the Selangor Police Chief reneged on their duties and were negligent and did not follow court orders on the "case management direction from the court".

Justice Datuk Abdul Wahab Patail of the High Court made the ruling.

Bernama / www.indianmalaysian.com

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