Saturday, January 24, 2009

Kong Xi Fa Chai

To All Chinese Friends, Readers and Families

Kong Xi Fa Chai


A Very Happy Chinese New Year


Jong said...

Hi "Kongxi Fa Cai" to All my Chinese friends here on this blog, 'Chap-Choongs' -those with tinge of Chinese blood included! :D

Wow I had my first taste of thinly sliced kuih bakul today. I haven't eaten it this way for a long long time until Salak and Shrek mentioned it. As I said it before I'd love eating it steamed then rolled in freshly grated coconut with pinch of salt buy that will be too troublesome lah!

shrek said...

Kong Xi Fa Cai or Gong Xi Fa Chai or Kong Hee Fatt Choy. I'm all for it. By the way is the year of the OX a good year? How old is the chinese calendar?

Salak said...

Very New, shrek!

Tomorrow it's another New Year! :))

May the OX sow us patience and spread appreciation in the dignity of work and labor!

Salak said...

The Kitchen Guardians will remain silent for the next few days.

Give them some holidays, ah, Jong!? They'll be smoking a few days later. Steamed kuih bakul and grated coconut, indeed! Kitchen Guardian mogok sudah lah! :))

Jong said...

Well said Salak!
"Time to work with me not for me" said the Ox, doubly hard infact.

Yes, the Ox has integrity, very patient, but don't ever mess him up, he won't like it at all! :D

As for the Chinese calendar, check this out:

Anonymous said...

Can we have a new Calendar?

A year will have 36 weeks, each having 10 days - a long week to get many things done! These are crisis times! ;)

Every year you have 5 personal holidays, whatever they are! In the Leap Year, you have one Universal Freedom Day - all politicians will do community work organized and managed by national prisoners!