Thursday, January 8, 2009

KT polls : 3-way battle for Jan 17th

As Malay Muslim voters even up between the BN and PR, Chinese voters may tip the balance.


KUALA TERENGGANU, MALAYSIA: Umno's candidate for the Kuala Terengganu by-election is getting a bit of flak - for not smiling enough.

Datuk Wan Ahmad Farid Wan Salleh, 46, is an affable lawyer-politician, but has been said to appear aloof to voters in this conservative east coast state.

'As a 'new bridegroom', he doesn't have to speak. He has to smile,' said Datuk Seri Najib to laughter. But it was a reference to remarks from observers that Mr Wan Farid appeared elitist and out of touch with the simple Kuala Terengganu voters.


No handshake so women get roses

KUALA TERENGGANU, MALAYSIA: Parti Islam SeMalaysia (PAS) candidate Abdul Wahid Endut followed strict Islamic etiquette by not shaking the hands of women voters he met on Monday on his walkabout.

To pacify some of the Chinese women voters that he met, he handed out roses every time someone wanted to shake his hands at Kampung Cina in downtown Kuala Terengganu.

'At first, I was not so sure about greeting the women in Kampung Cina, but luckily someone handed me a bouquet of roses. So every time the women held out their hands, I handed them the flowers,' the 51-year-old was quoted as saying by New Straits Times (NST) newspaper yesterday.


Appeared briefly on TV news tonight and giggled sheepishly exposing a part of blank gum without teeth.


12:39 PM 9/1/2009

Creative: A PAS ‘aircraft’ bearing the party message on display at a roadside in
Kampung Tok Adis, Kuala Terengganu. - [ The Star ]

4:29 PM 9/1/2009

Candidates officially declared | PAS Candidate

Police at the ready - BN Candidate is Deputy Minister of Home Ministry
under whom the Police is tasked

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Jong said...

This "no handshake" thingy, why they can't trust or control themselves or could a handshake do wonders? Something must be so wrong with them, these Hypocrites or Munfiqs!!

Ogre said...

Just wear a glove-lah. Anyway they are afraid the handshake can lead to other things being shaken, their iman (faith) for one. Perhaps the man have wudu' or ablution and afraid his wudu' will be batal and also lazy to take another one before prayers.
Guess they can't control themselves and are easily overpowered by Satan through a simple handshake. Also different mahzab have different rulings.
Maybe he is afraid that the hand he's shaking may have held char siew pau earlier. But often times these same people have no reservations of kissing smack in the lips, even after consuming bak kut teh. he he he

Salak said...

Apparently, Shrek, he shook hands with the men. So he does pay respects to Chinese voters by believing they do wash their hands, as every normal person would.

As for handshaking the ladies, another aspect of this is orthodoxy - prevalent amongst both PAS and UMNO voters.

But the guy's great! He gave the ladies roses! Now that's something! A color to life which otherwise would be a dreary election affair.

BTW, the guy's better looking than that UMNO fler. With the roses, he sure would melt reservations away with the ladies :)) !!!

Jong said...

Yeah agree with you Salak that the PAS guy looks likeable.

Have you noticed the UMNO's guy Wan Ahmad Farid looks very much like Najib Tun Razak, very 'hum-sup' lah!

Salak said...

What is "Hum-sup"? Handsome? Dum-dum? Clone?

He looks like a Drone to me! :))

Able and willing a the slightest frown?

Considering the problems we are besetted with, we need a little creativity now more than ever! ;))

I hope they don't drag that idiot astronot to KT! :))

Jong said...


"hum-sup" in Chinese means - ladiesman or 'gatal' in Malay!

There's a good writeup by Haris Ibrahim on 5th generation Chinese Malaysians whose shophouses in KT still on TOL land!

Jong said...

UMNO cronies like Michelle Yeoh and Scuderia Ferrari Jean Todt may be there to help out and give support on polling day afterall they have benefited from share of Trengganu's oil money!

Salak said...

" "hum-sup" in Chinese means - ladiesman or 'gatal' in Malay!"

But Wahid was really the one giving out the flowers ladies! ;)

Is this why the Government sent 5,000 policemen to keep the peace? Or to please their Keepers?

These PAS people and their supporters are really creative and imaginative! :))

Ogre said...

Wah now judging candidates by looks rather than ability and dedication? How about that independent guy the one with just a set of gums? No chance ahhh

Handshake tangan kosong no fun lah. Anyway what i heard the roses were not his to begin with. Someone had given him roses and he in turn gave it to the ladies. Like this kind very dangerous. Some jealous husband will think he is trying to mengorat the wifey.

Salak said...

Actually, Ogre, the public may be more inclined to the idea that the other guy might be the "tikus with the politics". ;))

Goodness knows what he'll do with Police at his disposal as people have such low opinion and confidence.

Tonight, over TV, this Lee Lan Taiee, appeared and frightened people some more! :((