Saturday, January 10, 2009

These Boots - are meant for walking !

All over you?
Bye, Walker! Or Buy Bush!

Nah! It'll be good money after bad!

If you're in KT these might come in handy!
Bloody wet and cold there today at 23 Celsius!
Still, if you're hardy kampung type,
you could give BN the Boots! ;)

Whatever happened to this mocking sketch of royalty?
Was the phoney prince ever banished?


Jong said...

Who's that? Mr Bean? lol!!

shrek said...

That's a rehearsal. Usually done the day before the actual ceremony. Both are not properly attired. Guess just showing how to sembah. Definitely not Johor. No sembah in Johor. Looks more like Perak or Kedah.

Jong said...

I think this was Trengganu.
Btw why no sembah in Johor, mind share your thoughts?

Salak said...

That, I was told is Patrick Badawi. And paying homage is Michelle Yeoh's boyfriend. I could be be wrong. It was somewhile ago.

Jong said...

Hey Salak, that must be joke the century! If you meant that mat salleh, he can't even walk straight and someone's only waiting for him to kick the bucket! lol !!!!

Anonymous said...

Is Michelle Yeoh still a virgin??

Anonymous said...

Her ass may still be.